World record at the research reactor TRIGA Mainz: Twenty-thousand pulses since August 1965

The research reactor TRIGA Mainz can be operated in the steady-state mode with a maximum thermal power of 100 kW or in the pulsed mode with a maximum thermal power of 250,000 kW, released within 30 milliseconds. After 50 years of consecutive operation of the TRIGA Mainz first criticality was reached August 3, 1965 - the reactor achieved a total number of twenty-thousand pulses on October 1, 2015. On this day, the reactor was operated for test measurements of neutron detectors that will be used at the source for ultra-cold neutrons as part of the so-called PRISMA user facility.

According to General Atomic, the company that developed the TRIGA reactor concept, no other TRIGA reactor was pulsed more often.