How to get here

By public transport

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz can be readily reached by road, rail, and air. It is served by many public bus and tram lines. There are several related stops because the university campus is very large. The public transport bus and tram services provided within the city itself offer connections to nearly all destinations within Mainz and Wiesbaden

The following lines serve the university from the main station:

• 6 (towards Münchfeld/Gonsenheim)
• 51 (towards Lerchenberg)
• 53 (towards Lerchenberg)
• 54 (towards Klein-Winternheim)
• 55 (towards Finthen)
• 56 (towards Finthen/Wackernheim)
• 57 (towards Bretzenheim)
• 59 (towards Hochschule Mainz)
• 64 (towards Hartenberg)
• 65 (towards Hartenberg)
• 68 (towards Budenheim)
• 75 (towards Schwabenheim/Ingelheim)
• 90 (towards Finthen)
• 91 (towards Lerchenberg)

We would recommend using the tram lines 51, 53, all of which stop directly at the main entrance to the campus.

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